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d946gzab manual

Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Please do not enter contact information. If you require a response, contact support. This equipment generate s, uses, and can radiate radio freq uency energy and, if not installed and used in accordanc e with the instructio ns, may cause harmful interfer ence to radio communic ations. Any change s or modifications to the equipment not expr essly approve d by Intel Corporatio n could void the user’s aut hority to o perate th e equipmen t. Tested to comply with FCC standards for home or office use. Canadian De partment of Communication s Compli ance Statement This di gita l appa ratu s does n o t exceed th e Cla ss B li mits for radi o n oise emi ssions fr om di git al appa ratus set out in the Rad io Interfer ence Reg ulations of the Canadian De partment of Communicatio ns. Le present appar eil numerique nemet pas de bruits radioele ctriques depassant le s limites applicables aux apparei ls nu meriqu es de la cl asse B pr escrit es dan s le Regle ment sur le brou llage radio ele ctriqu e edict e pa r le minist ere de s Communi cations du Cana da. Intel products are not intend ed for use in medica l, life saving, or life sus taining applications. Intel may make change s to specifications and produc t descriptions at any time, without notice. Deskto p Board D946GZAB may contain de sign defects or error s known as errata which may c ause the product to deviate fro m pu blishe d speci ficat ions. Cur rent ch aracteri zed erra ta ar e avai labl e on r equest. Contact yo ur local Intel sale s office or your distributor to obtain the latest specif ications and befo re placing your prod uct order. All righ ts res erved. It is n ot int en de d f or general aud iences. Use Only for Intended Applications All Intel deskto p boards are evaluated as Information Tec hnology Equipment (I.T.E.http://www.tgn.ac.jp/usercontent/userfiles/connexium-switch-manual.xml

) for us e in p ersonal compu ters (PC) for i nstall ation i n homes, offi ces, sc hools, c ompute r rooms, and si mil ar locat ions. Th e sui tabili ty of th is produ ct for other PC or emb edd ed non-PC applicat ions or other environments, such as medical, industria l, alarm sys tems, test equipment, etc.Document Organization The c ha pte rs in th is Pr od uc t G uid e a re ar ra nge d a s fo llo ws: 1 Desktop Board Features: a summary of product fe atures 2 Installing and Replacing Desk top Board Components: instructions on how to install the deskto p board and other hardware compo nents 3 Updating the BIOS: instruc tions on how to update the BIO S A Error Messa ges and Indicators: infor mation about BIOS error messages and bee p codes B Regulatory Compliance: s afety and EMC regulations and product certifications Conventions The fo llowing conve ntions are use d in this manual: CAUTI ON Cautions warn the user about how to preve nt damage to hardware or loss of data. NOTE Notes call attentio n to important information. Processo rs are not included with the de sktop board and must be purc hased separate ly. The proces sor connects to the desktop board through the LGA775 socket.The BIOS will attempt to configure the memory co ntroller f or normal operation. Non-ECC DDR2 mem ory. DIMM Type and Timings listed below: Type Ti ming DDR2-667 5-5-5 only DDR2-533 4-4-4 only. Seria l Presen ce Det ect ( SPD) mem ory only.NOTE A minimum of 512 MB of system memory is requ ired in or der for the Intel GMA 3000 integrated graphics controller to operate properly. Ster eo mi crophon e.Use a shielded cable that meets the re quirements for a full- speed USB d evice. The desktop board supports up to eight USB 2.0 ports via ICH7 (four ports routed to the back panel and four po rts routed to two internal USB 2.0 headers ). USB 2.0 ports are backw ard comp atibl e with US B 1.1 devi ces. USB 1.1 devi ces will functi on normall y at USB 1.1 speeds. USB 2.http://kiev-opt.com.ua/userfiles/connexium-switch-redundancy-manual.xml

0 support requires both an operating system and driver s that fully support USB 2.0 t ransfer rates. Disabl ing Hi -Speed US B in th e BIOS rev erts all USB 2.0 p orts to USB 1.1 operation. This may be required to accommodate operating sy stems that do not support USB 2.0. The BIOS is stored in a Serial Peripher al Interface (SPI) Flash devi ce. The BIOS can be updated by following the instructions on page 58 in Chapter 3. Serial ATA and IDE Auto Configuration If you insta ll a Serial ATA or IDE device (such as a hard drive) in yo ur computer, the auto-conf iguration utility in the BIOS automatically detects and configures the device for yo ur computer. You do not need to run the BIOS Setup progr am after installing a Serial ATA or IDE device. You can override the auto-co nfiguration options by specifying manua l configuration in the BIOS Setup progra m. If both passwor ds are set, you can enter either passwor d to boot the co mputer. Related Links: For instr uctions on resetting the passwor d, see Clearing Passwor ds on page 52. Hardware Management Features The hardware management features of Desktop Board D946GZAB enable the board to be compatible with the Wired for Management (WfM) specification.The s ecuri ty feature u ses a m echani cal swit ch on th e chassi s that can be connec ted to the chassis intrus ion header on the desktop bo ard. Power c onnect ors. Fan headers ? LAN wake capabilities. The use of ACPI with the deskto p board requires an operating syste m that provides full ACPI support. Power Connectors ATX12V-compliant power s upplies can tur n off the computer power through s ystem contr ol. When an A CPI- enabl ed compu ter receives the correct comm and, th e powe r suppl y removes al l n on-standby vol tages. When r esumin g from an AC pow er fail ure, the compu ter retu rns to t he p ower state i t was in before po wer was i nterru pted ( either on or of f).

The comput er’s respon se can be set by using the Last Power State feature in the BIOS Setup program’s Boo t menu. The d esktop b oard has t wo p ower conn ectors. See Figure 23 o n page 48 for the locati on of th e power connect ors. Failure to provide adequate s tandby current whe n using this feature can damage the power supply. Power supplies use d with this desktop board must be able to provide eno ugh standby current to suppor t the standard Instantly Available (ACPI S3 sleep state) co nfiguration. Instantly Available PC technology enables the boar d to enter the ACPI S3 (Suspend-to- RAM) sleep state. Whil e in t he S3 sl eep st ate, the c omputer wil l app ear to be off. If the computer has a dual-colore d power LED on the front panel, the sleep state is indicated by the LED turning amber. When signal ed by a wake-up device or event, the compute r qui ckly return s to i ts last known awak e state. Failure to do so could damage the board and any attached devices. The desktop board’s standby power indicator, shown in Figu re 3, is l it wh en ther e is standby power st ill present o n the board even when the computer appears to be off. USB bus activity wakes the computer from an ACP I S3 s tate. Th e speak er pr ovides a udi bl e error c ode (beep code) infor mation during the Power-On Self-Tes t (POST). Battery A battery on the desktop board keeps the values in CMOS RAM and th e clock current when th e compu ter i s turn ed off. Go to p age 54 for in structi ons on h ow to repla ce the battery. Real-Time Clock The desktop board has a time-of-day clock an d 100-year calendar. The battery on the desktop boar d keeps the clock current when the computer is turne d off. Failure to disconnec t power, telecommunications links, ne tworks, or modems before yo u open the computer or perfo rm any procedures c an result in perso nal injury or equipment damage. Some circuitr y on the board can continue to o perate even though the fro nt panel power button is off.

Perform the pro cedures described in this chapter only at an ESD workstation using an antistatic wr ist strap and a conductive foam pad. If such a stati on is not available, you can provide some ESD protection by wearing an antistatic wrist strap and attaching it to a metal part of the com put er chassi s. To avoid overloading the power supply, make sure that the calculated total curr ent loads of all the modules within the computer is les s than the output current ra ting of each of the power supplies output circu its. Observe Safety and Regulato ry Requirements Read and adhere the instr uctions in this sec tion and the instructions s upplied with the chassis an d associ ated mod ules. If you do not fol low th ese instru ctions an d the inst ructions p rovided by th e chassi s and modu le suppl iers, you incre ase safet y risk an d the possibility of noncompliance with regiona l laws and regulations. If the instructions for th e chassi s are i nconsi stent with th ese inst ructi ons or th e in structi ons for associated mo dules, contact the s upplier’s technical suppo rt to find out how you can ensure that your computer meets safe ty and regulato ry r equirements. Related Links For infor mation about regulatory compliance, go to Appendix B on page 65. Place the shiel d insi de the chassi s as shown in Fi gure 4. Press the shield into place so that it fits tightly and securely.Disconnect the computer fr om it s po we r so ur ce be fo re per f or mi ng t he p ro ce du re s de sc r ibe d her e. F ai lu re to disconn ect th e pow er bef ore you open t he com put er can resu lt in p ersonal inju ry or equipment damage. Do not lift or handle the de sktop board by the chipset heats ink. Handling may damage the ther mal interface material that reside s between the heatsink and the c hipset silicon. Refer t o your chassi s manu al for in structi ons on install ing an d removi ng th e deskt op board.

Installing a Processor CAUTI ON Before ins talling or removing the proc essor, make sure the AC power has bee n removed by unplugging the power cor d from the computer; the standby power LED should not be lit (see Figure 3 on page 22). Failure to do so could damage the processor and the board. Do not touch the soc ket contacts ( Figure 7, B). Fi gur e 7. Lif t th e Lo ad P la te Do not discard the protective socket cove r. Always replace the socket cover if the processo r is removed from the socket. Figure 8. Remove th e Protective Socket Cover 5. Remove the processor from the protective pro cessor co ver. Hold the proc essor only at the edges, being caref ul not to touch the botto m of the processor (see Figure 9). Do not discard the protective processor cove r. Always replace the proce ssor co ver i f the p rocess or is remov ed fr om th e socket. Figure 9. Remove th e Processor from the Protective Proc essor Cover Make su re fin gers alig n to the s ocket cu touts ( Figure 10, A). Align notche s ( Figure 10, B) with the soc ket ( Fi gure 1 0, C). Lower t he pr ocess or stra igh t down without tilting or sliding the proces sor in the socket. Figure 10. Inst all the Proc essor 7. Press ing down on the load plate ( Figure 11, A) close and engage the socke t lever ( Figure 11, B). Figure 11. Clo se the Load Plate A fan with a 4-pin connector as s hown in Figure 12, A is recomme nded; however, a fan with a 3-pin connec tor ( Figure 12, B) can be use d. Since the 3-pin fan cannot use the onboard fan contr ol, the fan will always operate at full spee d. Figure 12. C onnectin g the Processo r Fan Heat S ink Cable to th e Processo r Fan He ader All the notches should match with the DDR2 DIMM. Figure 14. Use DDR2 DIMMs Make sure the clips are firmly in place. 9. Replace the computer’s co ver and reconnect the AC po wer cord. If the card i s not fu lly sea ted in the PCI Expr ess conn ector, a n elect rical short m ay resu lt acros s the PCI Express connector pins.

Figure 18 shows the corr ect in stalla tion of the cab le. Do not con nect an A TA device a s a slave on the same IDE cabl e as an A TAPI mast er device. For example, do no t connect an ATA hard drive as a slave to an ATAPI CD-ROM drive.Item De scr ipt ion A HD Audio Li nk B Front panel audio C Alternate front panel power LE D D Front panel E USB 2.0 Figure 20. Inte rnal H eaders Refer to Table 5 below to connect an AC ’97 front panel solution to the front panel audio header on the board.Pins 1 and 3 of this header duplicate the signals on pins 2 and 4 of the front panel header. If your chassis has a three- pin power LED c able, co nnect it to this header.The defau lt conn ector as signm ents are shown in the table. T he connector s are retaskable us ing the audio driver interface. Back Pane l Audio Connecto rs Figu re 22 show s the l ocati on of th e chassi s fan h eaders. Figure 22. Locat ion of Ch assis Fa n Header s Item De scr ipt ion A PCI bus connecto r 2 B PC I bus co nnector 1 C PCI Expres s x1 con nector D Diskette drive c onnector E Chas sis intr usion heade r Figure 24. Loc ation o f Other C onnector s and H eaders Moving the jumper wi th the power on may result in unreliable computer operatio n. Figure 25 shows the location of the desktop board’s BIOS configuratio n jumper block. Figure 25. Loc ation o f the BIO S Config urat ion Jumper Block Table 10 sho ws the jumper settings for the BIOS Setup program modes. Table 10. Jumper Settings for the BIOS Set up Progr am Modes Jump er Setting Mode Descriptio n Normal (default) (1-2 ) The BIOS uses the c urrent configuration and passwords for bootin g. Configure (2 -3) After the Po wer-On Self-Te st (POST) runs, t he BIOS di splays the Maint enance Me nu. Use this menu to clear passwor ds. Recovery ( None) The BI OS recovers data in the event of a failed BIOS update. Setup displays the Maintenance menu. 8. Use th e arrow keys t o sel ect Clea r Passw ords.

Press and S etup displ ays a pop-up scree n requesting that you conf irm clearing the pass word. Setup displays the maintenance menu again. 9. Press to save the current values and exit Setup. 10. Turn off the computer. Disconne ct the computer ’s power cor d from the AC power source. 11. Remove the computer cover. 12. To restore normal oper ation, place the jumper on pins 1-2 as show n below. 13. Replace the cover, plug in the co mputer, and turn on the computer. Poor audio quality may occur if passive (non-amplified) spea kers are connected to this output. Figu re 26 sh ows the b ac k panel connect ors. Figure 26. Back Pane l Connec tors When the computer is not plugge d into a wall socket, the battery has an estimated life of three years. When the computer is plugged in, the standby current from the power supply extends the life of the battery. Replace the battery with an equivalent one. Figure 27 on page 58 shows the location of the battery. CAUTIO N Risk of explosion if the battery is replaced with an incorrec t type. Batteries should be recycl ed wher e possibl e. Disp osal of u sed bat terie s must b e in acco rdan ce with l ocal environ mental regul ation s. PRECAUTIO N Risque d'ex plosion si la pile usagee est remplacee par une pile de type incorrect. Les piles usagees doivent etre recyclee s dans la mesure du possible. La mise au rebut des piles u sagee s doi t resp ecter l es reg lemen tation s local es en vigueu r en mat iere d e prot ection d e l'en vironn ement. FORHOLDSREGE L Eksplosio nsfare, hvis batterie t erstattes med et batteri af en forker t type. Batterier bor om muligt genbr uges. Bortskaffelse af brugte batter ier bor forega i overe nsstemmelse med g?ldende miljolovgivning. OBS! Det kan oppsta eksplo sjonsfare hvis batter iet skiftes ut med feil type. Brukte batter ier bor kastes i henhold til gjelde nde miljolovgivning. VIKTIGT! Risk for explosio n om batteriet ersatts me d felaktig batterityp.

Batterier ska kasseras enligt de lokala miljovardsbestammelserna. VARO Rajahdysvaara, jos pariston tyyppi on vaara. Paristot on kierratettava, jos se on mahdollista. Kaytetyt paristot on havitettava paikallisten ymparistomaaraysten mukaisesti. Die Ba tteri e darf nur durch denselben o der einen ents prechenden, vom Her steller empfohle nen Batteriety p ersetzt wer den. Entsorgen Sie verbrauchte Batter ien den Anweisungen des He rsteller s ents prechend. AVVERTIM ENTO Esiste il pericolo di un esplosione se la pila non viene sostituita in modo c orretto. Utilizzare solo pile uguali o di tipo equivalente a quelle cons igliate dal produttore. Per disfarsi de lle pile usate, seguir e le istruzio ni del produttore. PRECAUCIO N Existe peligro de explosion si la pila no se cambia de forma adecuada. Utilice solamente pilas iguales o del mismo tipo que las recomendadas por el fabricante del equipo. Para de shacers e de las p ilas usad as, sig a igual mente las in stru ccion es del fabricante. WAARSCHUW ING Er bestaat ontplo ffingsgevaar als de batterij wordt vervangen door een onjuis t type batt erij. Bat terij en m oeten zove el mog elijk word en gere cycled. Hou d u b ij het weggooie n van gebruikte batterijen aan de plaatselijke milieuwetgeving. ATENCAO Havera risco de e xplosao se a bateria for s ubstituida por um tipo de bate ria incorreto. As bate rias dev em ser reciclada s nos locai s apropria dos. A el iminaca o de bate rias usadas deve ser feita de aco rdo com as regulamentacoes ambientais da re giao. UPOZORNI NI V p r ipad e vym e ny baterie za nespr avny druh m u ze do jit k vybuchu. Je-li to mozne, baterie by m e ly byt recyklovany.A telepeket lehet o s eg szerint ujra kell hasznos itani. A hasznalt telepeket a helyi kornyezetvedelmi el o ira sokn ak meg fel el o en kell kise lejtezni. AWAS Risiko letupan wujud jika bate ri digantikan dengan jenis yang tidak betul. Bateri sepatutnya dikitar se mula jika boleh.

Pelupusan bateri terpakai mestilah mematuhi peratur an alam sekitar tempatan. OSTRZEZENI E Istni eje nieb ezpi ecze n stwo w ybuchu w pr zypadku zastosowania nie w l a s ciwego typu baterii. Zu z yte baterie nale z y w miar e mo z liwo s ci utylizo wa c zgodnie z odpowiednimi przepisa mi ochrony s rodowiska. PRECAUTIE Risc de explozie, dac a bateria este inlocuit a cu un tip de baterie necorespunz a to r. Bateriile tre buie reciclate, dac a este posibil. UPOZORNENI E Ak bateriu vymenite za nes pravny typ, hrozi nebezpe c ens tvo jej vybuchu. Baterie by sa mali pod l a moznosti vzdy recyklo va t. Likvidacia pouzitych baterii sa musi vykonava t v sulade s miestnymi predpismi na ochranu zivotne ho prostredia. POZOR Zamenjava baterije z baterijo druga c nega tipa lahko povzro c i eksplozijo. C e je m ogo c e, baterije reciklirajte. Rabljene baterije zavrzite v skladu z lo kalnimi okolje varstven imi p redpi si.. Kullan ? lm ? s piller, yerel cevre yasalar.You can access the BIOS Setup progra m by pressing the key after the Power-O n Self-Test (POST) memor y test begins and befo re the operating sys tem boot b egin s. This chapter tells you how to update the BIOS by either using the Intel Express BIO S Update utility or the Iflash Memory Update utility, and how to recover the BI OS if an update fails. T his is u se fu l if yo u a re upd at ing t h e BI O S fo r mu lt iple ide nt ic al systems.) 4. Clo s e a ll o the r ap pl ica ti o ns. Th is s te p is r eq uir e d. Yo ur s ys te m w ill be re b oo te d a t the last Express BIOS Update window. 5. Doubl e-click the e xecutab le file from the l ocation on your h ard dri ve wher e it was saved. This runs the update pro gram. 6. Follow the instr uctions pro vided in the dialog boxes to complete the BIOS update. The ISO Image BIOS up date file is a stan dardi zed image of a bootable CD-ROM that can be used to create a bootable CD that will update the BIOS.

The IFl ash B IOS updat e file i s a compre ssed fi le th at contai ns the fi les you n eed to update the BIOS. CAUTI ON Do not inter rupt the proce ss or the system may not func tion proper ly. NOTE Copying the ISO Image BIOS file to CD will not work. CAUTI ON DO NOT POWER DOWN YOUR COMPUTER before the update is complete. The update may take up to 5 minutes. Updating the BIOS with Iflash With the Iflash Memory update utility yo u can update the sys tem BIOS from a bootab le CD-R OM, b ootabl e USB fl ash d rive, or other b ootabl e USB m edi a. The uti lit y available on the Intel World Wide Web site provides a simpl e metho d for creating a bootable CD-ROM that will automatically update your BIOS.Recovering the BIOS It is unlikely that anything will interr upt the BIOS update; ho wever, if an inter ruption occurs, the BIOS could be damaged. Due to BIOS size and recovery requirements, a CD-R with the.BIO file in the roo t directory will be required.DDR2 53 3 MHz mem ory a ssume d at slowest t imings.CAUTI ON Risk of explosion if the battery is replaced with an incorrec t type. Batteries should be recycl ed wher e possibl e. Disp osal of u sed bat terie s must b e in acco rdan ce with l ocal environ mental regul ation s. Related Links For infor mation about replacing the battery, go to page 54. Icelan dic ?essi vara ste nst regluger.Portuguese Como p arte d est e comp romisso com o resp eito ao ambi ent e, a Int el i mplem entou o Program a de R ecicl agem d e Produ tos pa ra que os c onsumi dores fi nai s possam envi ar produt os Intel usad os pa ra locai s sel eciona dos, ond e esse s produ tos sa o reci clados d e maneira adequada.This desktop board is referred to as “Lead-free second level interconne ct.” The board subs trate and the solde r connections from the board to the co mpo ne nt s (se co nd -le ve l c o nne ct ion s) ar e a ll le a d f re e.

Table 14 shows th e vari ous forms of the “ Lead- Free 2 nd Level Interconne ct” mark as it appears on the board and accompanying coll ateral. Table 1 4. Lead-Fre e Board Mark ings Descriptio n Mark Lead-Free 2 nd Leve l Interconnect: This sym bol is used to iden tify electrica l and electron ic ass emblies and components in wh ich th e lead (Pb) con centr ation level in the desktop board substrate a nd the sold er connections from the board to the comp onen ts (secon d-level in tercon nect ) is not greater th an 0. 1% by weight (1000 p pm). or or Instal l and use t he equ ipmen t ac co rd ing to th e in st r uct ion ma nua l. You may use thi s equipment in re sidential environme nts and other non-r esidential enviro nme nts. Ensure Electromag netic Compa tibility (EMC ) Compliance Before computer integration, make sure that the power supply and other modules or peripherals, as applicable, have passed Class B EMC testing and are marked accordi ngly.FCC Declarat ion of Co nformit y logo mark fo r Class B equipme nt. Australian Communicat ions Authori ty (ACA) C-tick m ark. Includ es adjacent In tel supplier code n umber, N -232. Japan VC CI (Vol untary Co ntrol Council for Inte rferen ce) mark. S. Korea MI C (Ministry o f Informat ion and Co mmunicat ion) mark. Includes adjacen t Intel company number, D33025. Printed wiring bo ard manufacturer’s recognition mark. Consists of a uniqu e UL recognized manu facturer’ s logo, along w ith a flammability rating (solder side). V-0 Ag e ncy cer tif ic a ti on ma rks on the pr od uct ar e p ro of of cer tif ic at io n. T yp ica l pr od uc t c er t ific at io ns in c lud e: In Europe The CE mar k ing s ign if ie s co mpl ian ce w ith a l l app lic ab le E ur o pea n re qu ir em en ts. In the Unit ed States A certification mark by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) such as UL, CSA, or ETL si gnifi es compli ance wit h safety re quirem ents.

Wi ring and cables mu st also be UL listed or recognized and suitable f or the intended us e. The FCC Class B logo fo r home or offi ce use signi fies comp liance wi th el ectromagn etic i nterferen ce (EMI) re quirements. In Canada A na tio na l ly r e co gn ize d c er tif ic at io n ma r k s uc h as C SA o r c UL s ign if ie s c o mplia nc e wit h safety re quirements. The Industry Canada stateme nt at the front of this product guide demonstrates compliance with Canadian EMC regulations. It includes Intel configuration, performance, design manual.Downloadable Intel D946GZAB Motherboard Manual. Computer, server, laptop notebook service manuals are also available at our sites download section, for free compatible for your system, please browse through our hardware service centre manuals, downloadable user guide, manuals for Intel Motherboard, also these are helpful in servicing old or new server hardware, computer, hadware repair and all other manuals for Free.

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ProcessorProcessors are not included with the desktop board and must be purchased separately. The processor connects to the desktop board through the LGA775 socket. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Request Information Please do not enter contact information. If you require a response, contact support. Please use the box above to search for any other information.The suitability of product features Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components: instructions on how to install the desktop board and other environments, such as follows: 1 2 3 A B Desktop Board Features: a summary of this manual:You can be updated by specifying manual configuration in Chapter 3. Serial ATA and IDE Auto Configuration. If you install a Serial ATA or IDE device (such as a hard drive) in your computer. Intel Desktop Board D946GZAB Product Guide. Enhanced IDE Interface. The desktop board 's IDE interface handles the exchange of information between the processor. Installing and Removing the Desktop Board Failure to your chassis manual for instructions on installing and removing the desktop board.Connecting the Processor Fan Heat Sink Cable to the boxed processor manual or the Intel World Wide Web site at full speed. Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components. Installing the Processor Fan Heat SinkIntel Desktop Board D946GZAB Product Guide. Removing the ProcessorFigure 20, B on page 25. 2. Table 4 shows the pin assignments for Intel High Definition Audio. Pin 1 3 5 7 9 Signal Name PORT.Recovering the BIOS. It is unlikely that anything will be damaged. Manually run the IFLASH.EXE file from the USB device. Install and use the equipment according to the instruction manual.EMC RegulationsIt heve nine pins withoute names in the mobo.